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The best investments you will do in your life will be the ones to improve yourself. Learning a new tech skill will always be a sound investment, you will surely get your money back with your first job position in the tech industry. And if not in the tech industry, you will still improve your career by being tech-savvy. 


These skills are all easy to learn either in person at an educational institution or online in coding bootcamps. Even if you don’t have the money now, most schools will give you plenty of opportunities to afford an investment in yourself.

Web Animation

Animation is important to a website as it creates a smooth experience for users and retains their attention. Web animators are experts on CSS and JavaScript, they create beautiful transitions when the user scrolls down or up, interactive backgrounds to make the website more fun, interesting effects to bring attention to certain objects or features, and much more.


Animations started as measly low-quality GIFs due to internet speed restrictions. Today, they have come so far with the connection’s speed that websites feel natural and cohesive. With animation and motions, websites are more attractive for the user. Most companies are updating their websites to look more natural and appealing. The websites created today will probably include motions and animations. This means lots of job opportunities for web animators. 


Noble Desktop offers a 36 hours web animation course where students will learn how to create web animations with JavaScript library GreenSock, create GIFs, use photoshop for complex animations, and much more. Noble Desktop offers this course on its campus in New York or online with live instructors. For enrollment, the school accepts upfront payments and loan financing.


Photoshop is one of the most used software for image editing in the design and photograph industry. It can be used to retouch an image and create artwork or branding. Designers can use it to create banners, flyers, logos, website layouts, thumbnails, social media posts, animations, and much more. This program is available for Mac OS and Windows.


Photoshop can be used for many projects, and knowing at least the basics could be helpful in many cases. For example, you can use Photoshop to make a custom and unique template for word documents, design presentations, or even create pdf documents. In the tech industry specifically, designers can use Photoshop to do mockups for websites or mobile applications.


The American Graphics Institute (AGI) offers a variety of Adobe tools courses, including Photoshop from introduction to an advanced level. AGI is located in Boston but it offers all its classes online with live instructors. It accepts upfront payments and students can apply for loan financing. Students can enroll in classes per level or just per ability like color correction training or layers training. It also has courses for Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and more.

UI Development

The user interface (UI) is part of the software, applications, websites, and digital tools people interact with. Because of this, UI development plays a crucial role in determining whether a user will continue to use the product or ditch it. UI developers are experts in designing UIs that are functional, user-friendly, and most importantly, appealing.


UI developers can specialize in research to identify exactly what users need, design an interface, and develop the front-end of a digital product. UI developers have to be creative and emphatic to understand the user and what they need, not just what they want. These professionals have to know what we want our devices and applications to look like even before we know it. This skill is easy enough to learn, even on the programming side of the career.


Bloc offers a UI design course with a holistic approach completely online. The students can enroll by making upfront payments, month-to-month installments, or applying for loan financing. The course’s curriculum includes industry tools for designers, fundamentals, several projects for the portfolio, and more. Bloc has a money-back guarantee if the student doesn’t get a job in six months after graduation.

In Summary

Make the best investment you are ever going to make by learning new tech skills. Technology is growing and changing all the time and by being an expert on any tech skills, you will vastly improve your job qualification. 


You could learn how to do web animations, Photoshop, or UI development in less than six months. These skills on their own are highly paid in many industries, adding up the ones you probably already have you will get the job of your dream in no time.


By Artur Meyster



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