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When you decide to develop an instant messaging app like Whatsapp or Telegram, the app development cost can go beyond $50,000 especially when you are building it for both leading platforms (Android and iOS).

You must be wondering why the app development cost of messaging apps like Whatsapp has increased by three times since 2013. Are there some advanced features integrated into the app? Or is this just because it has hit the market so hard over the years?

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Technology startups are at the forefront of innovation. However, while there are plenty of opportunities to influence technological growth, many people lack the necessary training to succeed. This means people need to attend training programs designed to help acquire the skills needed to break into careers in tech. Many college graduates were prepared for jobs that no longer exist or will soon become antiquated.

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The best investments you will do in your life will be the ones to improve yourself. Learning a new tech skill will always be a sound investment, you will surely get your money back with your first job position in the tech industry. And if not in the tech industry, you will still improve your career by being tech-savvy. 

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 If you want to get traffic from Google, how would you go about it?

Chances are you are either going to leverage SEO or pay for some ads.

But what if there was another way to get traffic from Google? A way that didn’t take as long as SEO and didn’t cost money like paid ads. And no, I’m not talking about Google News… there is actually an easier way.

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