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    20 Hours
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Learn how to make use of online tools to increase visibility of your business website online. Understand the concept of search


optimization and take advantage of organic search online, reduce dependence on paid adverts. Save more money, get more results.

website optimization, content marketing via blog posts, target audience optimized Ads, social media content marketing, customer relationship communication and content youtubing.



Have you ever wanted to be an expert on Digital Marketing strategy and planning, managing big projects for your organisation, meeting marketing needs, increasing visibility to online users, taking your business to users and ultimately gaining more customers for your business. Choratech is giving you the opportunity to learn how to implement the professional skills involved in carrying out this important responsibility.

Sign up for this course, learn and get certified as a Digital Marketing Strategist and become a valuable employee to any organisation, including yourself. Learn at your convenient time - evenings, weekends. We make every training session an exciting learning experience.

Through an enhanced, simulated case study, you learn how to successfully plan, manage and deliver marketing goals using best practices in a 5-step process. You also learn how to implement search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, key words research, blogging, social media content marketing, target audience based ads on Google and Social networking sites.

Learn To:

  • Understand what prospective customers are searching online that relates to your business
  • Apply best practices to plan and research on keywords, key phrases, key sentences photos
  • Learn how to use Google Adwords platform to further enhance visibility to customers
  • Discover the advantages of having a Google Mybusiness Account to further push out content about your business to online users
  • Generate and analyse regular analytics and statistics about your business impact on users
  • Implement customer email marketing to sensitize, follow up and convert leads to customers 

Benefits to You

Through a simulated case study, you learn how to successfully plan, manage and deliver marketing projects. You also learn how to use marketing tools to respond to real-world scenarios.


Introduction to digital marketing strategies

  • The internet and its ability to connect users to business
  • Online tools and resources for building a resourceful website
  • Selecting and applying best practices


Search Engine optimization

  • Keyword planner and keyword research using Google Adwords
  • Website content optimization inline with keyword research
  • Speed optimization for website 
  • Google search console account for website sitemaps updates - xml-sitemaps.com
  • Google MyBusiness Account


Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • Building a target audience customer database using Google forms
  • Using Mailchimp as an email marketing tool
  • Linking Mailchimp to your website and social media pages
  • Canva graphics platform tool
  • Manage customer subscriptions, email statistics and user interest


Content Marketing

  • Blogs and Online Posts
  • Wordpress Content Management System
  • Joomla Content Management Systems


Social media Marketing

  • Facebook business page creation and profile management
  • Twitter business account management
  • LinkedIn business page account management


Customer Relationship Management

  • Zoho CRM
  • Hootsuite Digital Marketing Platform
  • Tawk.to and Zenddesk live chat for websites


Target Audience based Ads

  • Google Adwords keyword search adverts
  • Facebook Campaign Management
  • Twitter Campaigns
  • LinkedIn Adverts



  • Agreeing on clear project goals and measurable deliverables
  • Estimating task duration and work
  • Determining task dependencies and calculating the schedule
  • Developing risk management strategies and contingency plans
  • Producing the baseline implementation plan
  • Managing and responding to changes

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