E-books and Sample Tests for Java, Oracle and SEO to prepare for International Certifications

Learning ebooks and Sample online test to check the preparation for actual certifications on Java 2SE - SCJP Exams, Java 2EE - SCWCD Exams, Oracle 11g database Management for OCA and OCP Exams, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to broaden the audience for online businesses. These learning materials prepares individuals for taking on projects hands-on.

Why International certifications ?
  • High value for hiring managers who want to distinguish among candidates for critical IT positions
  • A higher return on training investment by validating the knowledge and understanding gained during the sessions
  • Enhance employee loyalty and performance on the job 
  • Hiring certified professionals has a direct impact on a company's success, as conclusions from research by International Data Corporation suggests.

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